Model Shipways USF Confederacy 1778

Producer: Model Shipways

Code: MS2262

Model Shipways USF Confederacy 1778

Model Expo Kit No. MS2262

Hull Length 35" /Height 8-1/2" /Scale 3/16" = 1 ft.

Previous modeling experience helpful. 



Scale: 1/64

Hull Length 35" /Height 8-1/2" /Scale 3/16" = 1 ft.



Price: 649 € incl. VAT






Model Shipways USF Confederacy 1778 1:64 Scale

by Model Expo


USS Confederacy, a 36-gun frigate of the Continental Navy was launched at Norwich, Connecticut on November 8, 1778. A beautiful ship with profusely carved ornamentation, she was plagued with bad luck throughout her career.

In October of 1779, under the command of Captain Seth Harding, she was on a diplomatic mission to carry the French Minister back to France. John Jay (the first American Minister to Spain) and his family were also aboard.

During the passage Confederacy ran into a hurricane near Newfoundland and was completely dismasted. Captain Harding managed to work the ship southward. She reached Martinique in mid-December with 6 feet of water in the hold. She remained there for several months for repairs. She returned to Philadelphia





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