MV19 Roter Löwe

Producer: Mamoli

Code: MV19

MV19 Roter Löwe


Elector of Brandenburg Galleon




Scale: 1/55

Length: 720 mm,  Height: 540mm



Price: 329 € incl. VAT







The galleon Roter Löwe was built in the Netherlands in 1597 and was bought in 1601 by the Council of Königsberg on the account of the Great Elector of Brandenburg.

It was on service as a vedette-boat in Pillau from 1602 to 1605 under the command of Captain Peter Hinze. In October 1608, under the command of Captain Johann Fett, the galleon sailed with a shipment of wood to Lisbon, where it was sold with the cargo.

The size of Roter Löwe is unknown, but on the basis of a tonnage of 240 tons and the construction method of the time, it is possible to reconstruct a ship with a length of 28 metres from stem to stern and a width of about 8 metres.





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