Greek Trireme

Mr. Cryns from Amsterdam, the Netherlands send us photos of his amazing build of Greeek Trireme kit with many improvements. He wrote us also some notes:

The Dusek trireme is part of our Alexander the Greats siege of Tyros 332 BC
DBMM tabletop wargame.

For that purpose the trireme had to be placed upon an artificial
watersurface so the hull bottom was removed from the waterline down. For
gaming purposes part of the upper deck is left free to position gaming
elements like Greek marine hoplites and Skythian archers.


It was my very first wooden ship model kit and by just following the Dusek
building plan step by step the construction of hull and rowers seats went
very well. I made lots of modifications on the middle- and topdeck, together
with prow, stern and outriggers. These were modelled after the design of the
full size Greek trireme replica Olympias. It meant I curved and bend almost
everything that was straight according to the original Dusek plan. The
rigging of the sails was based upon a 1:10 scale model of the ancient
merchantship Kyrenia in the Greek War Museum in Athens.

For the light colored decoration strips along the hullsides, and the curved
tail ornament at the stern, I used beech wood which is flexible enough for
making strong curves.

Sails were soaked in white glue & water mix before being pressed upon a
handcut styrodur foam mold by elastic strings to create the dynamic puffed
up by the wind shape.

Oar shafts are bamboo with handcut wooden contra weights near the grip, and
incised at the water end to apply fir blades.

The blue banner is paper, held upwards blowing in the wind with a disguised
iron wire between the cords.

Coloring of the prow elements was by acrylics.

The 150 rowers are plastic Orion Romans which were squeezed after heating
them in boiling water to have them fit into their seats.

The deck crew is a mixture of plastic, resin and white metal figures
collected from Orion, Hät, Linear-B Artminiaturen, Germania and Zvezda. In
addition I made a range of home sculpted crewmembers which are made of
copper wire, covered with Green Stuff, molded in silicone rubber, casted in
resin, painted in acrylics.


A lovely wooden kit by Dusek this is! I look forward to build the Dusek
bireme too for which I already bought 50 white metal ancient galley rowers
sculpted by Frank Ziegler and casted by Hagen Miniatures.


Kindest regards from Mr. Cryns from Amsterdam.
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